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Star Trek Borg Assimilator

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Resistance is futile!




Santa Monica, CA - March 6, 2001 -Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) imposes order on the universe with the
announcement of Star TrekŪ Borg Assimilator, the first world building sim set in the Star Trek universe.
The game is being developed by Cyberlore Studios, the team responsible for the highly acclaimed Majesty
and the Warcraft II mission pack Beyond the Dark Portal, and will be available in the winter of 2001 for the

"The Borg are some of the most recognizable and intriguing characters in the Star Trek universe," said Larry
Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "By combining the unique genre
innovations pioneered by Cyberlore Studios with characters as dynamic as the Borg, we're poised to add
an evolutionary step to the world-building simulation category."

For the first time ever, players can conquer, assimilate and construct as the Borg. In the game, players
must absorb the distinctiveness of alien races such as Romulans, Klingons and Federation humans to
strengthen the collective, and to acquire new technology and resources. Lush meadows and rolling hills
will be converted into a Borg nanogrid and assimilation chambers as players absorb their surroundings to
feed the collective.

Star Trek Borg Assimilator features a 12 level campaign mode where players are faced with assimilating
races with progressively higher resistance quotients. The over-arching goal of the campaign is to
assimilate a series of worlds and acquire the technology needed to develop a stable Omega particle. At
the beginning of each level, players start with an existing colony structure that consists of a nanogrid
generator, an ore refinery, and several drones. Through conquest and assimilation, players can gain access
to more advanced buildings such as regeneration alcoves, research centers, and the Borg Queen hive.
Once players complete the campaign, they can continue with their assimilation of the Alpha quadrant in
Freestyle mode. In Freestyle, gamers can modify parameters such as start pieces, native inhabitants,
objectives, difficulty settings and even terrain for an endless combination of scenarios. Resistance is

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