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Star Trek Armada II Announced

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Santa Monica, CA - February 14, 2001 -Armchair admirals can once again take command of a fleet of
starships with the announcement of Activision, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) Star TrekŪ: Armada II for the PC.
The game is being developed for Activision by Mad Doc Software, a new studio comprised of former
employees from Looking Glass Studios and members of the Star Trek: Armada production team from

"As one of the best-selling Star Trek games of all time, Star Trek: Armada stood out from the competition
with its cutting edge graphics, top-shelf production values and excellent gameplay," said Larry Goldberg,
executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "Star Trek: Armada II is poised to continue the
success of the franchise with the addition of true 3D combat and a host of new innovations."

Set in The Next Generation universe, Star Trek: Armada II's story unfolds through three separate
single-player campaigns played as the Federation, Klingons and Borg. Through 27 action
packed-missions, players battle against the Cardassians, Romulans, Borg and Species 8472, each with it's
own distinct play style, weapons, ships and base facilities.

Star Trek: Armada II adds a number of new strategic options and enhancements to Armada's winning
gameplay mix. Maps in Star Trek: Armada II now have 3-D depth, and have been increased in overall
size. To make optimum use of the added dimension, the game offers players a new Tactical View in which
the battle unfolds in true 3D. Ships can also be placed into 3D formations for different firepower
configurations, and to further immerse the player in the action. Damage modeling has also been revised
for Star Trek: Armada II. In true Star Trek fashion, player's weapons can now damage different locations
and sub-systems on targeted ships.

Star Trek: Armada II features an extensive range of multiplayer options, including up-to-eight-player
competitions over LAN and the Internet where gamers can play as the Federation, Klingons, Borg,
Cardassians, Romulans or Species 8472. Several additional multiplayer game types will also be available
including variations of Capture-the-Flag, King of The Hill, and Co-Op style gameplay.

Star Trek: Armada II is expected to be available in the winter of 2001. This game has not yet been rated by
the ESRB. For additional information on Mad Doc Software go to

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